Are remnants worth your time?

You'll likely hear about carpet and vinyl remnants and their multiple uses as you shop various flooring options. Understanding how they're used and how they can help your project or remodel is well worth your time. Here's some information to help you understand your options and how to use remnants to your advantage.

Using remnants to your advantage

One of the best ways to use remnants is to create a fantastic area rug with specifications matching your needs. Choose the perfect carpet piece, color, fiber, shape, and size, with customized bindings that work for every room. You can also turn carpet remnants into runners, which work well in hallways, dining rooms, and kitchens, adding elegance and protection where you need it most.

We also carry other flooring remnants, which could give you enough flooring to cover specific smaller areas or mix and match the flooring in a single room. Our vinyl remnants include glue-down and click-together for both plank and tile.
Variety is another excellent benefit of using remnants, which allows you to create a look that is all your own. When combined with interesting installation layouts like chevron or herringbone, many of these pieces can take on a stunning visual appeal.

Tile remnants may give you the most versatility since mixing and matching these pieces is so much easier, even in large, airy spaces. Many products offer a rustic, weathered look and work well when matched with products that are like one another but not exact replicas. Consider mixing colors, textures, and sizes, or use some remnants in the main area and others to create stunning borders, accents, or outlines.

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